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I've written about this before, in response to a Vogue piece asking if orgasms are really necessary. In defense of not going hard to get off, Karly Sciortino wrote:. We've all been told that men just need a little direction to get us off: I might be hanged for saying this, but for me, achieving orgasm is not always the be-all, end-all of my hook-ups.

I've certainly had many pleasurable experiences with men I hardly knew that didn't result in a climax for me. There were other times when I had multiple orgasms, and the guy only had one.

That's one advantage women have. But ultimately, being intimate with a relative stranger can be fun, freeing, and empowering, whether you come or not. And often, just rolling around naked is the most fun and most intimate part of sex. Taking a step back to remember Lisas orgasm on bed would be beneficial for both sexes, but especially for men, who often seem to be humping robotically toward the finish Lisas orgasm on bed.

She's right, Lisas orgasm on bed course: And yet, there's this larger cultural imbalance that persists.

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But for a moment, back to Lisa. Like just about everything having to do with sex and love, experts say it comes down to individual preferences and expectations, not a broader cultural assumption that sex is only satisfying if it ends with an orgasm.

The caveat here Lisas orgasm on bed how you define "wonderful time"—maybe as something genuinely pleasurable, maybe as something that's just good enough that working any harder to reach a more desirable goal would resurrect too many weird feelings. Pearson notes that some 10 percent of women are incapable of orgasm due to physical conditions, medication, or illness, and that for other women who don't typically orgasm during sex, it's likely due to preference or roadblocks of a psychological nature.

All this can easily create a scenario where for some reason, it's just too difficult to either say what you want or need to Lisas orgasm on bed done, to relax, to be vulnerable, to stop overthinking, to not feel guilty Lisas orgasm on bed it feels like it's taking forever, to not freeze up if Lisas orgasm on bed person acts at all like it's taking too long or is tiresome.

And that creates a pressure in itself. We've been fed Adelgazar 50 kilos idea that the male sex ego can't handle not feeling victorious in bed, and so we fake it. Our egos come into it, too. Which then creates another set of issues altogether, especially if you ever decide to 'fess up.

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One of Pearson's subjects did exactly that, and as you might suspect, it did not go well! Sex with her boyfriend has never been what she would call "bad," Alyssum said, and there is "a ton" of chemistry between them. But when she finally came clean to him about faking orgasms last month — steeled by a cocktail and tired of acting — he did not take it well. I just wanted you to know that this just doesn't happen, because I don't like lying Lisas orgasm on bed you,'" she said.

The thing is, she doesn't fake it anymore with him, but she still doesn't get off. He said he wasn't going to try any harder because she Lisas orgasm on bed fine with it.

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Think of all his actual coming, and all her not coming, paired together like some sad Kabuki theater of half-pretend coming. Other women in the piece either say they don't mind Lisas orgasm on bed they don't get off, or simply don't see it as a burden because they love the person they are with. But the lingering feeling here is one of unresolved issues and not, "Well this is simply another way people are about sex Lisas orgasm on bed it's great.

I'm not going to say women who don't want to get off—or who don't insist on getting off, Lisas orgasm on bed don't work toward a happier resolution that involves some getting off if possible—are living under some kind of orgasm-less false consciousness. And also, clearly some men try very hard to resolve this very issue with their ladies, to varying degrees of success.

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One relevant result:. This is only true for a minority of women, but when I put the call out on Twitter for women to tell me what they don't tell men, the women who said this were the most passionate respondents. For women who Lisas orgasm on bed trouble orgasming, sex could be fun, but it isn't not because of their lack of orgasm so much as their fear they'll disappoint their partners.

They find themselves avoiding sex because they don't want to have to endure endless attempts to bring forth an orgasm that will never come, but they still like to masturbate, even if they usually can't reach orgasm.

Maddie found herself kissing her own mom on the lips. Lisa's hand Lisas orgasm on bed the towel away from her daughter's body and Lisa pulled them both up. Lisas orgasm on bed whispered to her daughter, "Let's go into my bath tub.

It's bigger and if you squirt there won't be much of a cleanup.

From his hiding spot, Jason watched as the two women entered. Lisa turned to Maddie and dropped her one piece. Maddie watched, unsure of what to do. Lisa looked Lisas orgasm on bed her and asked, "Never been with a woman? Seeing her daughter's response Lisa said, "Well let me show you then. Maddie sighed with this and relaxed her body. Lisa took this as a sign that she was enjoying it and moved her hands down and cupped Maddie's pussy.

Maddie was enjoying the sensation of being played with, however, her mother doing it was something completely new to her. The very idea of it was making her horny. Lisa suddenly pulled away from her Lisas orgasm on bed gasped.

If you're having sex with someone and you don't get off, how often after the sex does the Lisas orgasm on bed immediately attempt to remedy that? I would argue that whosoever is eager to try either already knows how Lisas orgasm on bed get you off, or will do anything to find out. However, that is not always a good thing. I say this because I read Lisas orgasm on bed piece recently about young women in relationships who are "in love and happy" in their relationships, but don't orgasm with their partner. It's the sort of thing that sounds crazy on the surface until you read their stories, or unless you've found yourself in such a scenario yourself. Sometimes, orgasm-less relative bliss happens because you're young and inexperienced. At the Huffington Post, Catherine Pearson tells us about Lisa, a year-old from Arkansas who got with her husband when she was 16 and he was Bed on Lisas orgasm.

Maddie looked confused at first, and asked "What's wrong? She moaned and breathed heavily for a moment, while Maddie stood there confused. As her orgasm subsided Lisa said to Maddie, "Kneel down in front of me and reach inside me. I think you'll like what you find. Maddie stared at the hole she had Lisas orgasm on bed over 18 years ago, that had seen countless cocks and toys, during Lisa's long porn career.

The big, meaty entrance was dripping Lisas orgasm on bed her cum. Maddie gingerly reached a finger to touch the outside of it, feeling her mother's wetness.

She then slipped it inside Lisa's sopping wet pussy, feeling something vibrating.

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Maddie, smiling at the feeling, pushed another finger in and gripped the bullet vibrator that had been inside her own pussy not long ago. Maddie gave a slight tug, Lisas orgasm on bed the vibrator began to slide easily out of Lisa's well moistened hole.

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The silver metal gleamed with cum and pussy juices as it slid out. Maddie commented, "wow mom, I guess you got turned on by what you saw!

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Maddie was expecting this and they exchanged tongues, as Lisa pushed Maddie back to lay face up on the bottom of the large tub. Maddie was visibly aroused, and Lisa took notice as her daughter's juices began to drip out of her pussy lips.

Lisas orgasm on bed noticed what Lisa saw and said, "I know you're my mom, but Lisas orgasm on bed think this is really hot. Maddie moaned slightly. Then Lisa's hands traveled down her daughter's stomach, to her shaven pussy.

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She rubbed a finger vertically over the opening, and Maddie shivered. Lisa then kissed the warm, wet hole and Maddie let out a moan of Lisas orgasm on bed. Lisa then turned around and positioned her pussy above her daughters face, her own mouth exploring Maddie's pussy. Maddie licked Lisa's pussy, tasting her mother's cum.

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She enjoyed the taste of the forbidden juices more than she thought Lisas orgasm on bed would. She soon began to feel it with her hands too, while Lisa expertly ate and rubbed Maddie's young tight hole. Both women would occasionally slip a finger inside the other and taste the cum and juices.

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Maddie came while Lisa's finger was inside her. Lisa felt her one finger held in place while Maddie's vagina muscles clenched and tried to get the finger to cum. Lisa then pulled off of her daughter's face and removed her finger.

She had Maddie Lisas orgasm on bed her own cum. Maddie liked the taste of her Lisas orgasm on bed young pussy more than her mom's.


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Lisa then had an idea, "Let's use the bullet on both of our holes at the same time and make ourselves cum. Then she sat up and placed her pussy very close to her daughter's, putting the vibrator on both of their wet holes at the same time.

Maddie moved closer to her mom, keeping the vibrator in place with both of Lisas orgasm on bed cunts and allowing their hands to support their upper bodies if they chose Lisas orgasm on bed lay back.

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Lisa came Lisas orgasm on bed, her cum coating the vibrator between the two women, making it slippery with cum. Maddie's breathing and moans soon became irregular as she neared orgasm. She started to lean back but Lisa grabbed the back of her head and said, "Look me in the eyes when you cum.

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The Lisas orgasm on bed at the entrance to her hole caused the squirt to shoot over the two of them. It coated their torsos and legs. Lisa laughed as Maddie's thighs and ass shook from the powerful orgasm. After Lisas orgasm on bed daughter's orgasm subsided, Lisa reached down her soaked body and turned the bullet vibrator off and placed it outside the tub. Lisa said to her daughter, "Let's clean up. I'm soaked from your cum. It just felt so good. There is nothing wrong with letting yourself cum.

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I'm just glad to have helped Lisas orgasm on bed do it. Maddie stood, supporting herself using the wall and Lisa. Lisa turned the showerhead on and warm water poured over the two women, who cleaned themselves and the other one.

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Neither cared if a Lisas orgasm on bed groped them. After the Lisas orgasm on bed were cleaned of cum, they toweled off and stepped out of the shower. Maddie said, "That was fun, but I think I'll take the rest of the night off.

Jason waited a moment then came out of his hiding spot and said to Lisa, "That was a hell of a show! I loved every second of that! I think Maddie did as well, based off of how much she came.

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Both Jason and Lisa then went off to relax for the night. In her room, Maddie was feeling conflicted. On one hand, she really enjoyed what her and her mother did together. Lisas orgasm on bed actions were so different and a massive turn on that Maddie was still dripping wet.

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However, she was also worried that if Jason Lisas orgasm on bed known about this, that he would make them do it in front of him.

Maddie did not want an audience. As she lay in bed on her phone, she heard Lisa moaning from the master bedroom. After what her and her mother had Lisas orgasm on bed done, hearing it didn't bother Maddie as much as it used to.

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